Friday, October 27, 2006

XGL and Beryl on my humble laptop

Finally ditched compiz and installed the latest beryl using the help of this how-to and I am at a loss to explain the beauty i see in front of me !!

the effects are way beter than what compiz had to offer and there are some practicle ones as well such as the ability to select any open window from any desktop with just a single click of the mouse. beryl also comes with the eerald window theme manager which has some exelent themes available to choose from in the default package. have not tried to install new themes yet though.

Pictures cannot do justice to the hard work that has gone into this so heres a movie straight off my desktop

Note : for those installing beryl after trying out compiz like myself you need to remove compiz and xgl completely. i used the package manager and uninstalled them before proceeding with the how-to.