Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wine Beta testing - Star Trek Elite Force - Expansion Pack

finished beta testing the expansion back and everything seems to be in perfect order. ive completed most of the single player stuff in the expansion plus spent quiet some time trying out multiplayer with wiki's and ranjan's help. the end result is that elite force completely is an excelent game for linux. few problems exist, ones which i cant put my thumb on :
1) cant connect to multiplayer servers hosted by windows computers. they however can connect to my linux hosted server via LAN.
2) multiplayer doesnt display new modes ( dissentegration, hero, class-based, borg, etc ) for the expansion pack however this problem is not secluded to linux as the windows based test computers also dint show these options. i am at a loss why my linux installation and the 2 windows installations dont show these features.
never the less, ive given the game a rating of Platinum at the WineHQ database. it is perfectly stable and a solid game, something i hope other linux users will enjoy as much as i have.

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