Friday, June 29, 2007

The hidden artistic side of technology

To most of us technology is something we come across everyday yet something so un-human if we take a moment to step aside and see how much we interact with it compared to humans we would truly be shocked.

Yet like most of human-kinds creations there is an artistic depth in technology as well. It is not just something cold or hard to the touch but there is so much happening in the background that we may not necessarily see or hear, I speak of forms of expression beyond our perceptions. Enter the IBM 1401 mainframe from the 60's. A scientist using them in Iceland saw that during the operation of the mainframe, memory leaks were causing signals to be broadcast on AM frequencies. Now with some modifications the result :

From : WIRED
Additional composition samples available from Johann Johannsson's website. His father was the one who discovered this back in the 60's.

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