Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting started: BlackBerry Native SKD 1.0 with a simulator

NOTE: This is still a work in progress..

This took some trying....then again i have no idea how to develop in an Eclipse based IDE. I wish there was more documentation but i figured I would get started with a simple how-to on developing for RIM's new OS.

Getting the simulator up and running:

Getting the Native SDK up and running:

Trying out a sample app:

So I decided to try out the one of the sample apps on the Blackberry webpage, namely the Hello Native SDK Graphics app.

From start to finish this is what you need to do and I will try to be as details as possible (this is for the noobs like me out there!)

  1. Unzip the Folder into your NDK workspace
  2. We will be using the Managed code (because we like life being easy now dont we?). Import the project into the QNX IDE by going File -> Import -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace -> Select the root directory to be the HelloNativeSDKManaged and click Finish.
  3. In the Project Explorer window you should see the Project. First off right click on it and set the Build Configuration to the Simulator (Build Configurations -> Set Active -> Simulator).
  4. Build the project now (right click then Build Project). You will notice in the project folder on the HDD there will now be a Simulator folder.
  5. Next we set the target device. Right click on the project and go BlackBerry Tools -> Configure Targets.. -> select "sim (Neutrino/x86)" and hit ok.
  6. Now we configure the runtime. Right click and select Run As -> Blackberry Tablet OS C/C++ Application -> Tadaa !!

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