Friday, June 23, 2006

Wine Beta Testing - Bryce 5.5

Well, another reason not to boot up in windows now !! :-D i managed to get Bryce 5.5 running in wine 9.15 under FC5 with XGL running :
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Am going to try out some modeling on it soon but there are several problems. some of the menus crash when clicked with the left key and the network rendering engine is inoperative. the network rendering was a priority for me as i do most of my designing on my laptop that has XP also. looks like i will use my linux desktop for the designing now and will then use a group of networked windows powered computers to do network rendering.
note : the setup required a msvcirt.dll file to be placed in the win32 directory in order to run. apart from that theres nothing special required for installation/running.

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Legume said...

Actually, I've found that the network rendering works great if you use a windows computer to start the render and use the Bryce Lightning client on a group of linux boxes under WINE (v.0.9.24)