Sunday, June 18, 2006

Wine Beta testing - Halo

The biggest roadblock i have run into with Wine uptil now is getting Halo up and running. Halo is just about the only reason i still wish sometimes i could log into Windows and sadly i have not been able to get it up and running uptil now.
Today i made some slight progress with getting the intro sequence of Halo up and running, barely. the intro clips can be heard but the monitor is blank and once these are over the game exits to gnome with an "Unhandeled Exception" error or something. Tested with wine "9.12" on the "2.6.16-1.2111_FC5smp" kernel.
Well, its beter than the success i had on FC4 with wine 9.10 so i guess i should try the game with any new release to see if more can be done. heck, Thushan also said he wanted to play halo on Gentoo linux on his desktop so im glad i have some support from his side. Just hope we can get it running some day...........

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